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Welcome! This is one of the only (it will be ^_^) sites dedicated to one of the best Anime shows ever! Haunted Junction!

Thanks for 800 hits!!! Almost to 1000!! ^_^

OH MY GOD!!! I got onto Anipike!!!! ^_^

I hope anyone who views this site is ok from the recent attack on the WTC and the pentagon. If you have or had family or friends involved in the accidents, you have my deepest regrests. If you would like to talk about it via E-mail you can go to the "Contact Me" section of my website. I am alwayss willing to listen. Thank you.

What's New?

I added the three members profiles on 4/28
I added how to make pictures 4/29
Added about me section 4/28
Adding MP3's today!! 6/7
Finally learned how to put in guestbook! did all by myself! 6/8
Added Mirror Girl Profile! 6/16
Added two of my friends links!! 6/20
Added link banners 6/21!
Fixed quality of pictures (They were really crappy!) 7/1
Added Haruo and Bones Profile!! 7/4
Added Giant's and Red Mantle's Profile!! 7/5
Added final three profiles of the schoolspirits!! 7/8

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